She loves to design, create and combine all the elements that give interior spaces that 'wow' factor. She is incredibly involved in every aspect of the design process…if she can't find it, she designs it and finds someone to make it. Whether it is the shape of a ceiling, the colour of flooring, a piece of furniture, an interesting feature, decorative art, or a unique chandelier… you can be sure Lulu will find a way of making it a reality.

Lulu has had a lifelong fascination with art, design and creativity, and even fantasy as a child. She grew up on a farm in the picturesque little town of Greyton, where she was always surrounded by nature and creativity. She adored the notion of fairies and pixies, and even painted fairies on her first car! This sparked a permanent love affair with nature and art.

Today, Lulu focuses on Interior Design, and finds her motivation through new projects and ideas, the challenges that come with them, as well as newly developed products and applications. She is particularly inspired by nature and describes herself at her happiest when she is near trees and mountains.

Lulu has a tremendous passion for life. For her, hard work has always led to a sense of accomplishment and joy. She learns from all her experiences and strives to make the most out of any situation.

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